Thanks for your interest in possibly donating your equine to serve in the UA Equestrian Therapeutic Division programs. You’ll find the criteria we look for in a therapy horse below. If after reading the criteria, you feel your equine would be qualified, please complete the Therapy Horse Donation Form (Initial Questionnaire for Prospective Equine) and submit it to Therapeutic Division Administrator Shelley Jones at . Or you may call Shelley Jones at 205-348-2341 during business hours Mondays-Fridays.

Therapeutic Equine Criteria

The following criteria/qualities set the parameters for an initial evaluation to accept or decline an equine for a 90-day trial period at the University’s facilities. To be considered for program service, an equine should be:

  • No younger than age 7 and no older than age 20.
  • No less than 12 hands high (48 inches) and no more than 16.2 hands high (66 inches). NOTE: Exceptions will be made for specific reasons, such as minis who serve in equine assisted learning programs.
  • Sound with no physical limitations.
  • Forgiving of inexperienced and/or unbalanced riders.
  • Obedient to both voice and leg signals.
  • Quiet and well-mannered on the ground.
  • Accepting of assistive devices and equipment.
  • Able to walk, trot (or second gait) and canter, with smooth transitions between each, if above 14 hands.
  • Able to walk and trot (or second gait), with smooth transitions between each, if below 14 hands,
  • Experienced under saddle with minimum of one year being ridden.
  • Meet current and/or projected needs of the program, as identified by the Administrator/Therapeutic Division or his/her designee.