Berry~ Western Team  Competition November 11-12

Liz Rasch- second in Advanced Horsemanship
Abby Gorbett- first in Novice horsemanship
Ashton Royal- third in novice horsemanship
Abbie Emerson- third in Intermediate Two horsemanship
Logan Crawford- fifth in beginner horsemanship
Abdullah Alibrahim- second in beginner horsemanship
Reserve High Point team

”The team put in hard work over the last two weeks, pushing through challenging practices and capitalizing on more opportunities to learn. I am proud of each of them for showing that kind of determination and was thrilled to see those investments pay off for them across the board today . We had some individual highlights and personal bests, and we performed a lot more consistently as a team.

I think they are really starting to find their identity as a new team and what they want that to mean. We have learned more and more with every week and practice gone by over the past few months. As their coach, I’m proud of how they’ve tackled that big learning curve in their first semester and excited to continue investing hard work with them.”

Berry~  Hunt Seat Competition November 11-12

What a weekend. Sooo glad to finally be home. Our huntseat team was reserve high point team Saturday and Madelyn Malone was high point rider. Our western team was also reserve high point team. Very proud of our riders. All put in very consistent rides on the horses they drew and minimal mistakes all weekend. Some things to improve upon for sure but very proud of them finishing up the fall semester and have 4 already qualified for regionals.

We came prepared for the cold this time and for our football….eventho I aged 5 years watching it. Had fun with our Auburn friends in IHSA, making our shows more entertaining. #wartide